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February's Kitchen Tarot Forecast for All

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WHEN FOOD IS PREPARED with happiness and the pure intention of nourishing others, it becomes a blessing— an offering, a holy action. Cooking, like yoga, becomes transcendent when done with focus and consciousness— essential components of all spiritual paths. Next time you serve a meal, be sure to add the extra ingredients of love, joy, and gratitude, with a pinch of humility for luck.

The Kitchen Tarot, when happily-blended with the philosophy of numerology and a dash of joy, provides nourishing food-for-thought. From tarot, February brings to the table the energies of number Three as the main course—the digit for February=month #2, when added to the year 2017 becomes 2+2+0+1+7=12, whose sum total reduces down (1+2) to 3— making February a month of health-improvement, socializing, breakthroughs concerning addiction, for appreciating Ma Nature’s bounties, pregnancy, and expressing your ever-growing creativity. 

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You're granted a temporary exemption from acting and feeling like your same old self now, and possess a tremendous capacity to convert your old wounds, as well as the old wounds of others, into brilliant opportunities. Like the classic Empress tarot card of abundant life force, the Kitchen Tarot's card 3— the Stove— encourages growth and fertility, enjoying life’s exalted natural pleasures, and is ripe for tackling issues that have been simmering on the back burner. Open wide to joy!

In sync with Card 3, passions— like the temperatures— are on the rise, warning that if you’ve been playing with fire, you’ll likely get sauteed. Pack a bag lunch and go to a place where you once experienced a defeat, and take the action necessary to render that loss irrelevant. Monitor extravagant consumption of self-pity and sentimentality. It’s time to start cooking in self-confidence and optimism on all four burners. Group therapy, the buddy system, hospice, and counseling go well now, too. Only dine on healthy pleasures, chem-free love, and garden-fresh compassion.

February’s Card 3 Affirmation: “My creativity is abundant; my potential is unlimited.”

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Susan Shie is an acclaimed master multi-media artist from Ohio, and the creator of The KItchen Tarot. To view her work, visit: www.turtlemoon.com. She asked me to write the book, and Hay House made it so.