My Books

At age 16, I landed a secret agent type of gig: ghost-writing two syndicated newspaper astrology columns. Ten years later during my bell-bottomed 1970s, I earned the right to my own byline. I spent much of my twenties writing for True Astrology Forecast magazine, phenomeNews, and several astrology periodicals, and always seemed to have a weekly astro column in one suburban newspaper or another. I wasn't an intellectual, all that smart, nor a profound wordsmith (and, still ain't). I just loved writing, and still do.


And I loved the '70s! I lived the '70s. Now, I'm pushing 70.(That's me in 1972 at left, with fellow Hair castmates from the Detroit tour: Suzie, Freida & Sundiata. Peace, love.

Then in my early 20s, I wrote a manuscript about hand-reading and past lives. The topic had never before been available in english, and since I had a very large platform audience thanks to my media and public appearances,  I self-pubbed The Handbook of Humanistic Palmistry (below, right). 124 pages; lavishly-illustrated. Reading it 40 years later, the muddled writing makes me cringe. (Methinks Mister Denny Hippie-Author was enjoying his wine when writing back then.)  


Eventually, it sold over 10,000 copies— pretty good for a novice publisher, eh? If you enjoy palmistry, past lives and can stomach meandering metaphysical mush, you can probably find one online. 


During my 1980-90's tv and radio days, I wrote and self-pubbed 14 astrology calendars, 9 annual editions of The Void-of-Course Moon Survival Kit (below, right), and over a 50 different titles of Thank Your Lucky Stars mini-books on various themes.

In the early 1990s, I was contacted by Running Press to write the first in a series of mini-books on divination— those small hardback titles in spinner racks at the bookstore check-out lines, The first, Palm-Reading: A Little Guide To Life’s Secrets (below, left), has constantly remained in print for over fifteen years and has sold hundreds of thousands of copies, and remains one of my favorites.


Something revolutionary (some may say 'delusional') in all of my palmistry titles is the astrological re-assigning of the fingers and areas of the palms to the planets. For centuries, Venus and the Sun were sent off to the wrong pasture by Victorian scribes— but not in my book/s! Most palm-readers are not astrologers, and I feel a smart palmist should also be a wise stargazer, too.


Also in the early 1990s, Running Press assigned me to write Tarot: The Complete Kit (right), a beginner’s book on tarot card interpretation for an in-house deck they called the Tarot Nova. I’m a huge fan of artist Julie Paschkis who designed Palm-Reading: Life's Little Guidebook (above, left). My apprehension doing this particular project was that I wasn’t privy to Julie’s creative designs from which to base my words before publishing date; it wound up being a good, albeit generic, tarot interp title. 

I did my job, solo. Likewise, artist Julie did hers without my text, too. Neither of us knew or saw each other’s work until the buying public did. And like dining out, I like some cards better than others. Nevertheless, the packaging and design is deluxe, and continues to be a global best-seller.

The 78-card Tarot Nova deck comes complete with my 87-page booklet and layout “map,” and is on sale via or Running Press for under $8—sweet! And due to the popularity of both the mini- palm and tarot books, they are also available in a deluxe 8x11-inch embossed gift set called The Fortune-Telling Kit (below) for only $14.95.


The Fortune-Telling Kit— Running Press named it, not I— provides mucho bang for the buck, and is another popular gift item. The Kit includes 78-card Nova Tarot deck, a 128-page illustrated book, 55 beautiful palmistry “flash cards” that I designed and artist Julie embellished, plus my lovely 128-page card-layout interpretation booklet. I predict you'd like it!

About 14 years ago, Running Press next hired me to create and write a coffee table size-size book about one’s birth date and its astrological and numerical significances. Me and my Piscean buddy Peter Weber created a delightful—and big— book about personal power, money and love according to one’s stars and numbers. 


The Portable Book of Birthdays (right) is as thick as a big city telephone directory: 366 amazing profiles with tantalizing forecasting facts and tidbits. Over 760 pages, and only $9.95! You won’t be disappointed by its insights, humor and facts about you and yours. You can view the particulars and purchase new or used editions via or


The Fortune-Telling Handbook: The Interactive Guide To Tarot, Palm-Reading and More (left) came out in 2003 by Running Press (and, again, their title, not mine). “Discover the secrets from a master fortune teller’s files,” the back cover proclaims. Learn how use graphology— handwriting analysis—to discern behavior and personality; numerology birthday forecasting to create a business, rev up romance, and improve health; delve into palmistry for more specifics, and into the tarot for sage advice about past, present, and future life situations. Over 125 pages, 8x8-inch square paperback. 


My last self-published endeavor, and my favorite, is called Healing Homes: Feng Shui— Here & Now (left); 145 pages; lushly-illustrated. This is a personal favorite, and the period of time writing it was one of the happiest in my life. It’s a user-friendly classical approach to the ancient global philosophy about how what we surround ourselves with— decor- and color-wise, for instance— affects us. Esoteric interior decorating with a heart, so to speak. Its pages are filled with inspirational food-for-thought. Lots of unique “fixes” for what ails you and your dwelling. Not complicated, whatsoever. And you’ll never look at your home in the same way after reading it— ever again!