About Me


I. Back when Ike was president and most six year-old boys were into Hardy Boy books, I was reading the tarot cards and stars. I grew up in the boondocks of Michigan where I met my beloved astrological woo-woo guru whom I called Grandma.

 She, a discreet and respected psychic whose clients included both farmer's wives as well as political glitteratti, taught me how to calculate horoscopes (using slide rules; no personal computers back then), get birth charts to "talk" to me, how to converse with nature spirits, eat healthfully, and predicted that "these things"— not journalism, as my 4th grade brain imagined— would be my future career.

By age 13, I was ghost-writing a syndicated newspaper astrology column on Grandma's ancient-but-electric Smith-Corona for a big name stargazing ladyfriend of hers. It was hard and boring work but taught me lots about writing & editing, and really was more fun than a paper route. At age 14, I earned my Social Security card, started seeing clients, and began saving for college life at MSU.


II. During my freshman year at MSU, I managed the area's leading astrology bookstore and taught university-accredited courses in astrology, the tarot cards and palmistry for a while. Ahhhh, the mind-blowing late 1960s-early 70s! 

When transiting Jupiter crossed the top of my birth chart in the early 1970s, I scored a several-year gig in Broadway's rock-musical Hair, where I sang (not all that well), danced (I really wouldn't call it that), and made new friends and clients all over the world. (That's 22 year-old me from my Hair daze, above.) 

III. After returning from Japan in the late 1970s where I was studying the age-old philosophy of Feng Shui and a melange of eastern forecasting methods, I cut my long hair, bought a huge house and settled down in a lovely and very proper Michigan town (nearby where I currently reside), and set up shop as a researcher-consultant in human potential. All said, it was quite a pleasant first Saturn Return.


At that time, tv- and radio-talkshows were hot, hot, hot. Good ole Jupiter blessed me for many years as a regular guest on several national ones that followed Oprah: Sally Jessy, Geraldo, Sonya, plus gobs of A.M. local chat shows and P.M. Magazine franchises. I added "talkradio host" to my resume in the mid- 1980s, becoming creator-host of the award-winning Thank Your Lucky Stars show (right; and sidebar, lower-right)— the longest-running primetime "ask the astrologer" talk radio show in the history of Detroit broadcasting.  

Other unique achievements include writing close to a dozen books, hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles, being the U.S. news editor for the international glossy Feng Shui For Modern Living magazine, lots of weekly local newspaper astrology columns, and the only 4 year-in-a-row winner of the "Best Astrologer” and "Best Tarot Card Reader" titles from a Detroit newspaper poll. After rigourous testing, ABC-tv Special Report dubbed me "Detroit's Most Accurate Psychic" not too long ago.


IV. In 2001, I traded my globe-trotting sneakers for gardening shoes, snuck away from the media spotlights, grabbed my MacBook and returned to writing. And, gardening. And, more dance-time with my cat. 

V. Today, post- second Saturn Return, I'm very grateful for my handful of truly brilliant friends who take turns pulling my head from out of clouds to enjoy food, laughs, and garage sales. Every now and again, when the stars are just right, I'm known to share smiles and lunch with Louise Hay (above, left) at one of her and Hay House's ongoing I Can Do It! conferences.

VI. I was born on the nineteenth of November. I dream of magical gardens, and live for peace.